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Competition Committee
Mr. Frédéric Jenny   
Ms. Jill WALKER   
Mr. Jacques Steenbergen   
Mr. John PECMAN   
Mr. Andreas Mundt   
Ms. Michiyo HAMADA   
Mr. Joong-Weon JEONG   
Mr. Dan Sjöblom   
Mr. Philip COLLINS   
(United Kingdom)
Mr. Alexander Italianer   
(European Union)
Mr. Alberto Heimler   
(Company Name)
Ex Officio as Chair of the Working Party N.2 on Competition and Regulation
Mr. François Souty   
Ex Officio as UNCTAD Co-ordinator
Mr. Eduardo Perez Motta   
Ex Officio as Global Relations Co-ordinator
Ex Officio as Chair of the Working Party N.3 on Enforcement and Co-operation
Open to all Member countries 
Russian Federation   
South Africa   
Chinese Taipei   
Observers (International Organisations):   
European Free Trade Association (EFTA)   
UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)   
World Trade Organization (WTO)   
Date of creation:
5th December 1961
31st December 2013

Mandat :   -   Resolution of the Council concerning the Committee of Experts on Restrictive Business Practices and amending its name and terms of reference [C(87)138(Final)]

-   Extract from the Communiqué [C(91)91] adopted by the Council at Ministerial level on 4-5 June 1991

-   Change of name from ‘Committee on Competition Law and Policy’ to ‘Competition Committee’ agreed by Council at its 1017th session [C/M(2001)23, item 402] and document [C(2001)261]

-   Council Decision regarding a Sunset Clause for all Committees [C/M(2004)5, item 75] entered into force on 22 April 2004 [C/M(2004)10, item 143, IV, c)]

-   C(2008)134 and CORR1: proposed new mandate

-   Resolution of the Council on the new mandate [C(2008)134 & CORR1 and C/M(2008)17, item 219]




Resolution of the Council [C(2008)134 & CORR1 and C/M(2008)17, item 219]




Having regard to the Convention on the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development of 14 December 1960;


Having regard to the Rules of Procedure of the Organisation;


Having regard to Resolution of the Council C(87)138/FINAL


Having regard to the recommendations of the In-depth Evaluation of the Competition Committee [C(2007)121];




A. The Competition Committee has the following mandate:


I. Objectives


a)   The main objective of the Competition Committee is to protect and promote competition as an organising principle of modern economies, based on the knowledge that vigorous market competition boosts growth and employment and makes economies more flexible and innovative.


b)   The intermediary objectives of the Committee include:


i)   reviewing developments in competition laws and policies both in individual countries and in international organisations;


ii)   examining and commenting upon particular competition law and policy issues taking into account the interaction between competition and other government policies;


iii)   Enhancing the effectiveness of competition law enforcement, through measures that include the development of best practices and the promotion of cooperation among competition authorities of Member countries;


iv)   Enhancing the effectiveness of pro-competitive economic reform, including by reviewing competition issues in jurisdictions and particular sectors, and identifying options for addressing these issues and developing best practices;


v)   Proposing effective strategies and methods to help governments promote domestic precompetitive reforms and overcome their transition costs;


vi)   Strengthening synergies between competition policy and other framework policies in the work of the OECD;


vii)   Supporting sound domestic competition policies and fostering policy convergence internationally to avoid inefficiencies and potential conflicts resulting from different competition standards;


viii)   Promoting policy dialogue and cooperation with non-Members to encourage the implementation of competition best practices and principles, and providing related capacity building;


ix)   Promoting understanding of the benefits of competition for business and consumers.


II. Co-operation arrangements


a)   The Committee shall cooperate with other OECD committees on competition-related matters and seek to ensure that the Organisation as a whole promotes sound competition policy.


b)   The Committee shall keep itself informed of the competition related activities carried out in other international organisations, notably the International Competition Network. It will promote and develop, as practicable, partnerships with these organisations and seek to ensure effective complementarities while avoiding undue duplication with other international organisations where appropriate. The Committee shall provide a forum for consultations to enable delegates to exchange views on issues raised in these bodies.


c)   The Committee shall consider the views and input of BIAC and other major stakeholders in the competition field.


d)   The Committee shall encourage participation by non-OECD economies in the Committee’s work and their implementation of the Committee’s recommendations and best practices.


B.   The mandate of the Competition Committee shall remain in force until 31 December 2013 unless the Council decides otherwise.

Version Published On :27th February 2013 and Archived on: 2nd December 2013  
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