Database on Transboundary Movement of Wastes destined for Recovery Operations

The OECD Decision C(2001)107/FINAL establishes a framework for the OECD Member countries to control transboundary movements of wastes destined for recovery operations within the OECD area. Two forms accompany each transboundary movement of waste: notification and movement documents. These two forms include all the information necessary for the competent authorities to give their consent to the movement.

This interactive database aims at facilitating the paperwork of all parties involved in transboundary movements of wastes by providing the necessary information to complete the forms. The database includes practical information and specific requirements or provisions for each country.

The database offers two possibilities:
1 View data from any country and run queries according to different selected criteria

2 National competent authorities enter and update their own data. Please select your country and enter your password