Palestinian Authority


Rule of Law and Governance in the Palestinian Authority

Delivering Better Policies and Legislation for People

Sound policy making and regulatory policy are critical for responsive, efficient government and public service delivery. This report analyses the institutional and policy framework for policy making and regulatory policy in the Palestinian Authority. It includes recommendations for improving the planning and co-ordination of policy making and legislative commitments and for enhancing regulatory and operational guidance for harmonised policy and law development. The first part provides a general analysis of the different stages of policy design, while the second part focusses more specifically on regulatory policy and related impact assessment tools.

Published on September 27, 2022


Abbreviations and acronyms
Executive summary
: Towards Improved Problem Identification and Policy Formulation in the Palestinian Authority4 chapters available
Institutional Co-ordination
Problem Identification and Assessment
Policy Formulation
Regulatory Policy in the Palestinian Authority7 chapters available
Political Context
Strategy and Vision for Regulatory Policy
Institutional Framework and Capacities for Regulatory Policy
The Development of New Regulations
Stakeholder Engagement and Transparency
Management of the Existing Stock of Regulations
Regulatory compliance and enforcement
Annexes2 chapters available
Legislative Drafting Guidelines: Palestinian Authority RIA Template
RIA Template for Government Policies in the United Kingdom
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