Palestinian Authority


The Implementation of the Palestinian Code of Conduct

Strengthening Ethics and Contributing to Institution-Building

A set of clear standards of conduct for public officials can provide a critical tool for governments to promote openness, transparency and accountability in the public sector and eventually restore citizens’ trust in government. With a view to strengthening the ethics framework, the Palestinian Authority has undertaken significant progress to implement a Code of Conduct and Ethics for its civil service. This report analyses the underlining factors of an effective Code of Conduct in the overall framework of public governance reform to build open and transparent institutions. The report traces the evolution of the code from the first draft to the adopted document and discusses the final version against OECD recommendations and international good practices. The report provides actionable policy recommendations to operationalise the code towards a stronger governance framework for public sector integrity in the Palestinian Authority. The report points to the code’s strategic role alongside other measures to upgrade the ethics framework and sets an agenda to drive effective implementation in line with international principles of ethics and open government in the Palestinian Authority.

Published on May 02, 2016

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Foreword and acknowledgements
Acronyms and abbreviations
Executive Summary
Process of preparation of the Palestinian Code of Conduct and Ethics
From draft to the adopted document: Evolution of the text of the Palestinian Code of Conduct and Ethics
Ensuring effective implementation of the Palestinian Code of Conduct and Ethics
Conclusions and recommendations of the Palestinian Code of Conduct and Ethics
Annexes3 chapters available
The Code of Conduct and Ethics of Public Service of the Palestinian Authority
Recommendation of the Council on Improving Ethical Conduct in the Public Service Including Principles for Managing Ethics in the Public Service
The National Committee for the Code of Conduct for the Civil Servants: Action Plan 2013-15
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