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Workshop on E-Government Tools in Practice: How to Develop a Sound Implementation Road Map


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This workshop was designed to provide a practical overview on the most important elements to be included in a sound e-government implementation road map.  The information provided was discussed in light of the Palestinian Authority's current situation.


Issues of leadership, internal coordination, horizontal and vertical integration, quality evaluation and projects prioritisation were dealt with through presentations from senior experts and then illustrated by real examples from MENA and OECD countries.


In particular, the various sessions included discussions on how OECD countries have designed and managed the implementation of e-government services and by specifically looking at the case of Italy. Discussions also focused on how to use a quality driven methodology to select and implement e-government projects, drawing from the experience of University of Milan-Bicocca and of the project “eGovernment for Mediterranean Countries”.


The Danish experience was key in showcasing the mechanisms of the OECD peer advice system and how it can support national policy making.


Finally, participants benefitted from an overview of some of the major international actors in the field of e-government in the PA with the aim of identifying and assessing potential areas of collaboration.


At the end of the workshop, there was a joint-session with the Regulatory team to discuss the use of ICT tools to facilitate public consultation and the creation of One-Stop Shops.


The workshop was highly interactive and participants were encouraged to share experiences as much as possible. On the last day, individual advisory sessions were held to further investigate PA needs and priorities and to better define how the OECD can address them through the MENA-OECD Initiative to Support the Palestinian Plan.






Policy: DigitPA

  • Prof. Fabio Pistella, Commissioner of DigitPA, Italy (English - pdf 352 kb)


Policy: The GovQual Methodology, the Italian Case. Overview

  • Prof. Gianluigi Viscusi, University of Milan-Bicocca, Italy (English - pdf 2,051kb)


Tools: The GovQual Methodology, the Case of the eGovernment for Mediterranean Countries (eG4M)

  • Prof. Gianluigi Viscusi, University of Milan-Bicocca, Italy (English - pdf 1,116kb)


Policy: Preparing E-Government reforms with a Whole-of-Government Perspective

  • Mr. Alessandro Bellantoni, E-Government Policy Analyst, MENA-OECD Governance Programme, OECD (English - pdf 167kb)


Institutions: United Nations Development Programme

  • Mr Mohammad Hamarsheh, ICT Expert, UNDP Capacity Development Initiative (English - pdf 981kb)



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