Solar Energy Policy in Uzbekistan

A Roadmap

This Solar Energy Policy in Uzbekistan Roadmap is part of the EU4Energy programme, a five-year initiative funded by the European Union. EU4Energy’s aim is to support the development of evidence-based energy policy design and data capabilities in Eastern Partnership and Central Asian countries, of which Uzbekistan is a part. The main purpose of this roadmap is to guide policy making at all levels to maximise the use of solar energy in Uzbekistan, and to serve as a precursor for a national solar energy strategy. The government of Uzbekistan is invited to consider incorporating the actions outlined in this roadmap so as to enhance the use of solar resources into a dedicated solar energy strategy. This roadmap primarily focuses on increasing solar generation in Uzbekistan's electricity mix, but also touches upon solar heat potential to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels. The roadmap aims to help Uzbekistan formulate its strategies and plans for solar energy deployment across all levels of government. It is also intended to support and guide the activities of other key stakeholders.

Published on April 18, 2022