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Documents de travail de l'OCDE sur la finance, l'assurance et les pensions privées


Ces documents de travail sont publiés (en anglais) dans la série des OECD Working Papers on Finance, Insurance and Private Pensions.

La série complète est disponible par ordre chronologique sur l'OCDE iLibray.
Avant mars 2010, la série s'intitulait OECD Working Papers on Insurance and Private Pensions. URL permanente :



WP.47 The political economy of the G20 agenda on financial regulation

WP.46 Corporate debt stress testing: A global analysis of non-financial corporations

WP.45 The changing structure of financial intermediation in Asia: Benefits and risks

WP.44 Structural developments in global financial intermediation: The rise of debt and non-bank credit intermediation



WP.43 Financial Education for MSMEs and Potential Entrepreneurs

WP.42 Behavioural Economics and Financial Consumer Protection



WP.41 Unleasing the Export Potential of SMEs in Greece

WP.40 Financial Education Policies in Asia and the Pacific



WP.39 Financial education for long-term savings and investments: Review of research and literature

WP.38 Financial education for migrants and their families



WP.33 Financial Education in Latin America and the Caribbean | Spanish version

WP.32 Pension Fund Investment in Infrastructure: A Comparison between Australia and Canada

WP.31 Policyholder protection schemes: selected considerations



WP.30 The Effect of Solvency Regulations and Accounting Standards on Long-Term Investing

WP.29 Trends in Large Pension Fund Investment in Infrastructure

WP.28 Communicating Pension Risk to DC Plan Members: the Chilean Case of a Pension Risk Simulator

WP.27 The Role of Funded Pensions in Retirement Income Systems: Issues for the Russian Federation

WP.26 Infrastructure Investment in New Markets

WP.25 The status of financial education in Africa

WP.24 Defining and measuring green investments: Implications for institutional investors‟ asset allocations

WP.23 The role of institutional investors in financing clean energy

WP.22 Financial education, savings and investments

WP.21 Identification and assessment of publicly available data sources to calculate indicators of private pensions

WP.20 Coverage of Private Pension Systems: Evidence and Policy Options

WP.19 Annual DC Pension Statements and the Communications Challenge

WP.18 Lessons from National Pensions Communication Campaigns

WP.17 Review of the Swedish National Pension Funds

WP.16 Current Status of National Strategies for Financial Education: A Comparative Analysis and Relevant Practices

WP.15 Measuring Financial Literacy - Results of the OECD / International Network on Financial Education (INFE) Pilot Study

WP.14 Empowering Women Through Financial Awareness and Education



WP.13 Pension Funds Investment in Infrastructure: Policy Actions

WP.12 Designing Optimal Risk Mitigation and Risk Transfer Mechanisms to Improve the Management of Earthquake Risk in Chile

WP.11 The Role of Guarantees in Defined Contribution Pensions

WP.10 The Role of Pension Funds in Financing Green Growth Initiatives

WP.9 Catastrophe Financing for Governments: Learning from the 2009-2012 MultiCat Program in Mexico

WP.8 Funding in Public Sector Pension Plans - International Evidence

WP.7 Reform on Pension Fund Governance and Management: The 1998 Reform of Korea National Pension Fund



WP.6 Options to Improve the Governance and Investment of Japan’s Government Pension Investment Fund

WP.5 The New IAS 19 Exposure Draft

WP.4 The EU Stress Test and Sovereign Debt Exposures

WP.3 The Impact of the Financial Crisis on Defined Benefit Plans and the Need for Counter-Cyclical Funding Regulations

WP.2 Assessing Default Investment Strategies in Defined Contribution Pension Plans



WP.1 Framework for the development of financial literacy baseline surveys: A first international comparative analysis


OECD Working Papers on Insurance and Private Pensions


WP41. Policy Action in Private Occupational Pensions in Japan since the Economic Crisis of the 1990s

WP40. Pension Funds’ Risk-management Framework: Regulation and Supervisory Oversight

WP38. Managing investment risk in defined benefit pension funds



WP37. Investment Regulations and Defined Contribution Pensions

WP36. Private Pensions and Policy Responses to the Financial and Economic Crisis 

WP35. Defined-Contribution (DC) Arrangements in Anglo-Saxon Countries

WP34. Evaluating the Design of Private Pension Plans: Costs and Benefits of Risk-Sharing

WP33. Licensing Regulation and the Supervisory Structure of Private Pensions: International Experience and Implications for China

WP32. Pension Fund Investment in Infrastructure

WP31. Pension Coverage and Informal Sector Workers: International Experiences

WP30. Pensions in Africa



WP29. Ageing and the Payout Phase of Pensions, Annuities and Financial Markets

WP27. Fees in Individual Account Pension Systems: A Cross-Country Comparison

WP26. Forms of Benefit Payment at Retirement

WP25. Policy options for the payout phase

WP24. National Annuity Markets: Features and Implications

WP23. Accounting for Defined Benefit Plans: An International Comparison of Exchange-Listed Companies

WP22. Description of Private Pension Systems

WP21. Comparing aggregate investment returns in Privately Managed Pension Funds: an initial assessment

WP20. Pension Fund Performance

WP19. Coverage of Funded Pension Plans

WP18. Pension Fund Governance: Challenges and Potential Solutions

WP17. Funding Regulations and Risk Sharing

WP16. Evaluating the Impact of Risk Based Funding Requirements on Pension Funds

WP15. Governance and Investment of Public Pension Reserve Funds in Selected OECD Countries

WP14. Sovereign Wealth and Pension Fund Issues



WP13. Reforming the Valuation and Funding of Pension Promises: Are Occupational Pension Plans Safer? (2007)

WP12. Pension Fund Investment in Hedge Funds (2007)

WP11. Implications of Behavioural Economics for Mandatory Individual Account Pension Systems (2007)

WP10. Portfolio Investment in an Intertemporal Setting: Assessment of the Literature and Policy Implications for latin American Pension Systems (2007)

WP9. Collective Pension Funds: International Evidence and Implications for China's Enterprise Annuities Reform (2007)

WP8. Pension Fund Regulation and Risk Management (2007)

WP7. Survey of Investment Choice by Pension Fund Members (2007)

WP6. Benefit Protection: Priority Creditor Rights for Pension Funds (2007)

WP5. Benefit Security Pension Fund Guarantee Schemes (2007)

WP4. Governments and the Market for Longevity-Indexed Bonds (2007)

WP3. Longevity Risk and Private Pensions (2007)

WP2. Policy Issues for Developing Annuities Markets (2007)



WP.1 Funding Rules and Actuarial Methods (2006)



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