Lithuania's accession to the OECD


5 July 2018 - Lithuania deposited its instrument of accession to the OECD Convention, thereby becoming a full member of the Organisation. 

30 May 2018
- The Secretary-General and the President of Lithuania, Dalia Grybauskaitė, signed the Agreement on the Terms of Accession of the Republic of Lithuania to the Convention on the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. Lithuania will become a Member of the Organisation once it has taken the appropriate steps at the national level to accede to the OECD Convention and deposited its instrument of accession with the French government, depository of the OECD Convention.


3 May 2018 - The OECD issued an invitation to Lithuania to become a member of the Organisation. The invitation resulted from the OECD Council's positive assessment of Lithuania's position with respect to OECD legal instruments, standards and benchmarks.

9 April 2018 - the President of Lithuania, Dalia Grybauskaitė, visited the OECD and delivered a special address to the OECD Council on Lithuania’s progress throughout its accession process. Read the Secretary-General's remarks.

February 2016 – April 2018 
- 21 OECD substantive committees and their subsidiary bodies conducted technical reviews of Lithuania. These reviews assessed (i) the willingness and ability of Lithuania to implement substantive OECD legal instruments; and (ii) Lithuania’s policies and practices as compared to OECD best policies and practices, in what amounts to an in-depth review of the candidate country in the relevant review areas.

21 January 2016
 - Lithuania took an important first step in the accession process by submitting an Initial Memorandum which set out the country’s position on approximately 250 OECD legal instruments in force and included an assessment of the conformity of Lithuania’s legislation, policies and practices with the instrument. This allowed the launch of the technical reviews in the 21 OECD committees listed in Lithuania's Accession Roadmap.


Lithuanian visit to the OECD 

3 May 2018 - OECD Secretary-General and the President of Lithuania

17-18 September 2015
 - The “kick-off” mission of the OECD Secretariat to Lithuania took place, marking the launch of the technical accession discussions.

8 July 2015 
- The OECD Council approved the Roadmap for the Accession of Lithuania to the OECD Convention.  An accession roadmap sets out the terms, conditions and process for OECD accession.

4 June 2015
 - Lithuania signed an Agreement on the Privileges and Immunities of the Organisation. The purpose of this agreement is to accord to the Organisation certain privileges and immunities to ensure its independence and proper functioning. The Agreement entered into force on 26 November 2015.

9 April 2015
 - The OECD Council at Ministerial level decided to open accession discussions with Lithuania.


For further information about Lithuania's accession to the OECD and the benefits the OECD membership will bring, read our Q&As


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