Talent Attractiveness 2023

Talent attractiveness

Talented and skilled individuals have a key role to play in countries’ future prosperity. They hold jobs that are key for innovation and technological progress and ultimately contribute to stronger economic growth with other employment opportunities and better living conditions for all. OECD countries increasingly compete to attract and retain talented workers notably by adopting more favourable migration policies for the best and the brightest. This competition has led to a convergence of policy frameworks but significant differences in policies and practices remain. Beyond conditions for migration, many other factors contribute to shape countries’ attractiveness for foreign talent.

The OECD Indicators of Talent Attractiveness (ITA) is the first comprehensive tool to capture the strengths and weaknesses of OECD countries regarding their capacity to attract and retain different types of talented migrants. The 2023 edition of ITA now includes 4 categories of talented migrants: highly educated workers, foreign entrepreneurs, university students and start-up founders, as well as an expanded range of dimensions for assessing a country’s attractiveness.

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