SWAC Forum 2011: Conclusions and presentations






Emerging Partnerships


African Economic Outlook 2011, Africa and its Emerging Partners, by AfDB, OECD/DEV and UNECA

Brazilian Technical Co-operation, by ABC Brazil


Renewable Energy Strategies & Experiences of Brazil/Cape Verde


Visions and strategies for renewable energy development in West Africa, by ECOWAS, UEMOA and CILSS

ECREEE Strategy to Promote Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Investments in the ECOWAS (2011 to 2016), , by Martin Lugmayr, ECREEE

Experiences of Brazil and its vision on co-operation with West Africa: diversification of energy sources, by Ricardo de Gusmão Dornelles, Director of Renewable Fuels Department, Ministry of Mines and Energy, Brazil (Portuguese)

Tropical Agriculture and Bioenergy, by José Manuel Cabral de Sousa Dias, Embrapa Agroenergia (Portuguese)

Cape Verde: Energy and development: achievements, evolutions and outlook, by Dr. Humberto Santos de Brito, Ministry in charge of Energy, Cape Verde (Portuguese)


Country-level experiences


Mali: Biocarburant SA: opportunities for sustainable biofuel development in West Africa, by Hugo Verkuijl, CEO Mali Biocarburant S.A.

Nigeria: The Sweet Sorghum-to-Ethanol Initiative, by Felix Babatunde Obada, CEO Global Biofuels Nigeria

Senegal: Programme for the promotion of renewable energy, rural electrification and sustainable supply of domestic fuels (PERACOD), by Alassane Ségou Ndiaye, PERACOD/Ministry in charge of energy, Senegal (French)





Burkina Faso: Biofuels and food security - risks and opportunities, by Dr. Abdoulaye Combari, Delegated Minister in charge of agriculture, Burkina Faso (French)

Faisability study on the production of biofuels within UEMOA, by Sérgio Waddington and Pedro Quaresma, Brazilian Development Bank (Portuguese)

Sustainable production and use of biofuels: key drivers, by José Nilton de Souza Vieira, Department of Sugar Cane and Agroenergy, Ministry of Agriculture, Brazil

Senegal: Constraints and opportunities, by Sana Faty and Georges Faye, Ministry for Renewable Energies, Senegal (French)

Some concerns with biofuels expressed by ROPPA, par André Tioro (French)


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