SWAC Forum 2011: Images





Opening Ceremony

Jorge Borges, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cape Verde and François-Xavier De Donnea, SWAC President

Maria Dulce Barros, Ambassador of Brazil in Cape Verde and Maxime Akpaca, BOAD Director of strategy and studies

Mahama Kappiah, ECREEE Director, Jorge Borres and François-Xavier De Donnea

Maria Dulce Barros, Jorge Borges and François-Xavier De Donnea (in the background)

Pedro Araujo, BNDES/Brazil and Antonio Kfouri Aidar, FGV/Brazil

François-Xavier De Donnea, Laurent Bossard, SWAC Secretariat Director, José Luís Rocha, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of Cape Verde and Sibiri Zoundi, SWAC Secretariat

Alhousseini Bretaudeau, CILSS Executive Secretary, Ibrahima Dieme, UEMOA Commissioner and José Luís Rocha, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of Cape Verde

Ibrahima Dieme, UEMOA Commissioner in charge of rural development, natural ressources and environment

Mahama Kappiah, ECREEE Director


Adoulaye Combari, Minister délegué in charge of agriculture, Burkina Faso

Sana Faty, Director in charge of biofuels, Ministry of renewable energies, Senegal

Henri-Bernard Solignac-Lecomte, Head of Unit Europe, Middle East & Africa, OECD Development Centre

Baba Saïd Bally, President of the African Association for the promotion of biofuels

Charles Bois d'Enghien, Counsellor, Regional Cooperation, DG for Development Co-operation - Foreign Affairs, Belgium

Fatou Sarr, President of the Enda Tiers Monde governing board

Manfred Schnitzer, Head of Unit, Africa
Department, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, Austria and Céline Lhoste, West Africa Regional Programmes, European Commission

Lidia Martínez Francés, FAO Bioenergy and Food Security Officer and Hansjürg Ambuhl, Head of West Africa Division, Swiss Development Co-operation


Alassane Ségou Ndiaye, PERACOD, National Coordinator Senegal and Aukje De Jager, Deputy Director of Mali Biocarburant S.A.

Malakilo Mohamed Diasso, Deputy of Burkina Faso

François-Xavier De Donnea, SWAC President and Laurent Bossard, Director of the SWAC Secretariat


Antonio Kfouri Aidar, FGV/Brazil and Laurent Bossard, Director of the SWAC Secretariat

Jean Sibiri Zoundi, SWAC Secretariat, Ibrahima Dieme, UEMOA Commissioner and Alhousseini Bretaudeau, CILSS Executive Secretary

Jean Sibiri Zoundi and Ibrahima Dieme

Philipp Heinrigs, SWAC Secretariat, Markus Eggenberger, Swiss Development Co-operation and Stéphane Roberge, First Secretary, Embassy of Canada based in Burkina Faso.

Field visit - Jatropha plantation

Visit of a wind farm, Santiago, Cape Verde



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